Get Wobbly Asian Blend

Get ready for an adventure in every cup of Asian Blend Coffee! This medium roast features Southeast Asian coffees with herbal notes and a heavy body. Consistent flavor and strong aroma make it perfect for hot drinks. Eco-friendly and grown under the sun, this blend is as bold as it is responsible. Don't settle for a basic brew when you can explore the exotic flavors of Southeast Asia!

Get Wobbly Asian Blend

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Get Wobbly's Asian Blend coffee beans are sourced from the highlands of Southeast Asia, where the air is fresh and the soil is filled with all the nutrients a coffee plant could ever want. This coffee offers consistent flavor, a strong aroma and is best as a hot coffee drink. The coffee beans are harvested by hand and then processed and roasted to bring out their full flavor and aroma. Get Wobbly's Asian Blend Coffee is a medium roast offering herbal flavor notes and a heavy body.

Features & Benefits:

  • Medium roast: Our Asian Blend coffee is medium roast and can include coffee blended together from Timor, India, Papua New Guinea, Sulawesi and Sumatra.
  • Tasting notes: Our Asian Blend coffee has tasting notes of herbs, chocolate, mandarin orange, caramel and cigar tabacco. A perfectly balanced morning coffee.
  • Environmentally friendly: Smallholder farmers adhere to strict high quality and sustainable farming practices. The coffee beans are grown under the full sun and use the wet process (washed) method ensuring that the land and the local community thrive for generations to come.

So why wait? Start your day off on the right foot with Get Wobbly's Asian Blend coffee beans. Whether you prefer your coffee hot or iced, black or with a splash of milk, these beans will elevate your daily brew to the next level.


I was impressed

I tried Get Wobbly Asian Blend coffee and was impressed by the unique flavors and smooth taste of this coffee. I highly recommend it to coffee lovers seeking a new and exciting experience.

Pat D
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